SWL's  New Year Contest 2018           
This contest, sponsored by the SWL-section of the VERON, is open to SWL-stations all over the world.
The date of this contest is Sunday 7 January 2018
The aim of the contest is: Logging of three sequential hours somewhere between 00.00 and 24.00 UTC on both 80/40 or only on 80 or only 40 meterband.
It is not necessary to start the three hour period at the full hour.
Only three stations from each DXCC country count for the points, no matter the band (see log example).
For the first station you may claim 5 points, the second station 3 points and for the third station 1 point. Thus the maximum score by every DXCC is 9 points.

Only stations in phone are permitted.

The use of WebSDR for the logging in this contest is not permitted; the SWL should only operate with own receiver and antenna.
The log has to contain following items: Time (UTC or GMT), Band, Heard station, Working station, RS, Points.
Remark: it is not allowed to use the same "working station" more than 10 times!

A participant in the contest herewith agrees with publication by VERON of the results in the monthly VERON-magazine Electron, as well as on the VERON-website and in other by VERON used and/or chosen media.

Example of the log:

UTC Band Station Working RS Points
06:00 40 ON6NL ON6MP 59 5
06:00 40 ON6MP ON6NL 59 3
06:33 40 GB2SM PA0SE 59 5
06:33 40 PA0SE GB2SM 59 5
07:45 80 ON5DU DL7LD/p 56 1
07:48 80 DL0HQ OH1BH 58 5
07:50 80 PA0MPM DL7LD/p 59 3
07:54 80 GM0MTF G0TUC 45 5
07:54 80 G0TUC GM0MTF 56 3
08:10 80 G0ABE PA0SE 57 1
                                                                                                                Total score    36 points

Logs in Cabrillo format are very welcome! In that case it is not needed to add the points yourself.

The winner of this contest obtains a plaquette or cup. SWL's with 10 or more entries in the log will receive the New Year Contest Award.

The logs must be sent before 31 January 2018 to the contest manager: Ruud Ivens, NL290, Hittekamp 29, 3956 RE Leersum, The Netherlands. Also you may submit your log by e-mail to: NL290@veron.nl .

Good Luck and see you in the contest.
73,  Ruud, NL290.